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Author Rakhi Kapoor receives The Prestigious Golden Book Award 2024 for her twenty sixth book “Breaking Free Embracing me” 

Author Rakhi Kapoor wins her second Golden Book Award for her twenty sixth book titled Breaking Free Embracing Me – healing from childhood abuse and toxic conditioning. The awards were conferred at a ceremony on the 17th of February 2024.


After winning multiple awards including the Golden Book Award 2023 for her twenty fifth book Now You Breathe – overcoming toxic relationships and abuse Rakhi Kapoor published yet another impactful book and became the two-time recipient of this prestigious award.  Rakhi Kapoor is also a physiotherapist who pioneered the concept of a prenatal counselling in India to enhance maternal and fetal health outcomes. Rakhi has been impacting the lives of thousands of young couples, and new moms, through her antenatal programs for over two decades through her center Dwi Maternity Studio in Chennai, India. 


Breaking Free Embracing Me by Author Rakhi Kapoor wins the Prestigious Golden Book awards 2024 – Instagram


Children are the worst affected when it comes to any form of abuse in toxic relationships. Therapy is mandatory otherwise the past catches up with the victim eventually as complex post-traumatic stress disorder CTPSD. Kapoor explains that complex post-traumatic stress disorder presents with a host of symptoms like flashbacks of the abuse, memory lapses, distorted self-esteem, impaired emotional control leading to anger bursts and violence, Insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks, substance abuse, addiction, depression, suicide, autoimmune conditions, and various physical ailments. The victims of childhood abuse tend to become dysfunctional adults who tend to pass on the baggage of their abusive past in the form of fears, excessive control, and bitterness to the next generation subconsciously. 


Breaking Free Embracing Me by Rakhi Kapoor takes victims of long-term abuse especially children through the journey of healing. Healing means freedom from the toxic conditioning of the past. Victims of abuse truly heal when they are able to reverse their unhealthy behavior pattern learned due to their traumatic and abusive past.  


The  Golden Book awards are judged by a panel of literary experts, like Dr Kailash Pinjani (President Indian Authors Association), Dr Deepak Parbat (Founder of Superfast Author) & Murali Sundaram(Founder of TLC), who choose the winners based on factors such as originality, creativity, and impact on the literary world. This prestigious event recognizes and celebrates the best book in literature. There were more than 75,000 books published in India and nominees include a diverse mix of literary genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and children’s books. 

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