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Wealth Wiz to offer all services under one roof Starts operations in Pune to help avail solutions for land deals

Pune, Real estate businessmen come across many hurdles in their operations – right from finalising land deal to completion of projects. In order to help real estate businessmen overcome these hurdles, two youngsters – Amit Anil Bhagat and Ritesh Satish Agarwal have come together to start Wealth Wiz, which will offer various services needed by the real estate sector. The office of Wealth Wiz, situated in the prestigious Nucleas Mall in Pune, was inaugurated on Sunday 4 February 2024.

The needs of the real estate sector are varied. Some need land with clear title, some need a good architect, some have the land but need finance or some face problems in respect of tenders of government or semi-government bodies. These problems can delay some projects or even stall the project permanently. 



After doing a thorough study of the various difficulties faced by the real estate businessment, Amit Anil Bhagat and Ritesh Satish Agarwal have started Wealth Wiz. This company will offer solutions to all problems of real estate businessmen under one roof. These include all services from completing land purchase deals to developing and delivering the entire project. Wealth Wiz has a panel of experienced architects, legal advisors and financers for consultation and guidance.

Amit Anil Bhagat and Ritesh Satish Agarwal have been in the construction business for the last two years and have experience and knowledge of every issue that real estate businesses have to solve. This has led to formation of Wealth Wiz.

Prominent businessmen, political leaders and social workers including former Corporators Aaba Bagul, Jayashree Bagul, MLAs Madhuri Misal, MLA Ravindra Dhangekar, Prasanna Jagtap, Abhay Chhajed, Vasant More, former MLA Ramesh Bagwe, Bapusaheb Pathare, Mohan Joshi, Virendra Kirad, Prashant Jagtap, Arvind Shinde, Ajay Bhosale, Jayant Kirad, CHandrashekar Kadam,Sandip Ladkat, Avinash Bagwe and Rupali Chakankar graced the inauguration function.

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