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Solo Traveler Bhavin Bhavsar is a certified Switzerland Travel Expert & Explorer

Bhavin Bhavsar: The Man who Built the STM Community from the Scratch!

Bhavin Bhavsar is A Travelpreneur who quit his 9-5 job for exploring the new dimension of life across every possible geographical boundary! To be among the rare, one has to be the rarest and he chose the path, least traveled least explored and least chosen by most of the corporate folks around the world.

15 Domestic locations, 10 International and 8 STM (SOLO TRAVEL MEET-UP) By A Travelpreneur

The Journey for him was never impossible, but indeed not easy as well. Right away from quitting the job and beginning to explore the world, he started building the community from scratch. People were skeptical about the solo traveling format and he left no stone unturned to create the best degree of awareness, in regard to the solo, safe and happy travelling.

Solo travelling has always been taken for granted. It has almost become the epitome of nothingness. He is founder of this solo travel community made every possible effort to change the face of this industry. Nothing comes for anyone as a fortnight success and he journeyed the extreme height of every crest and trough to make the vision transform into reality.

His journey also came across the unhappy, disappointed and stressful people and glad that these travel and trips acted as an ointment in their unsatisfied life and they savored the new form of rejuvenation at the end of their trip.

Till date, Bhavin said that – he owe his very sincere gratitude to the people who supported him to be what he is today. Every day he makes a promise to himself that the vision that made him quit that glorified corporate job would certainly be accomplished at the end. Because every dark cloud owes a silver lining and he can still foresee the time when travel industry would be the most soaring business in future.

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