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Bridging the gap between dreams and reality: Planyourworld launches Rs. 499 course for retirement planning with lifelong sufficient pension

28 August 2023, Delhi: Planyourworld Training Academy Pvt. Ltd. is proud to announce a new course, “Secrets of Life-long Pension in 5-7 Years,” priced at an incredibly affordable Rs. 499. This course is designed to empower everyone, especially common people who don’t know that there is no Retirement Product that can give sufficient pension.

Retirement planning can often seem like a complex puzzle, but Planyourworld Training Academy wants to simplify it for you. Under the guidance of Mr. Viplav Majumdar, a Certified Financial Planner, the academy is on a mission to ensure that every Indian can prepare for a comfortable retirement. “Our goal is to make retirement planning achievable for all, not just a distant dream,” says Mr. Majumdar.

What makes this course stand out is its simplicity. Even if you don’t have a background in finance, you can benefit from it. The course includes video lessons, an informative E-book, and unique practical tools that will guide you through the process. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of planning a sufficient pension for 30-40 years after retirement.

One remarkable aspect of this course is the opportunity to interact with financial experts during live sessions. This personalized touch provides you with real-world insights, practical advice, and trade secrets used by financial experts for their customers.

Looking ahead, Planyourworld Training Academy envisions introducing a “Do-It-Yourself” Financial Planning program. This initiative will empower individuals to take control of their financial future, aligning perfectly with the academy’s mission of democratizing financial literacy.

What’s more, Planyourworld Training Academy Pvt. Ltd. remains committed to its vision of providing affordable, high-quality education. The course fee of just Rs 499 rupee reflects this dedication, making financial education accessible to every Indian. The academy is setting a benchmark for financial empowerment, giving every Indian the opportunity to script their retirement with confidence.

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