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“Rising from the Ashes: Inspiring Story of Women’s Resilience Against Illness and Discrimination”

In a world where illnesses are often stigmatized, discriminated against, and used to perpetuate gender inequality, Kritika Pandey’s latest book, Journey of Transformation: Rising from the Ashes is a breath of fresh air. The book narrates the inspiring story of Nimrit, a woman who has been living with epilepsy since her school days, and the challenges she has faced throughout her life. Despite the difficulties, Nimrit remained determined to lead a regular life. Kritika’s book encourages readers to acknowledge the resilience of those who live with illnesses and promotes a need for greater inclusivity and understanding.

The book is a monument to the fortitude and resiliency of women who, like Nimrit, must cope with a disease that makes life more challenging. It tells the tale of how one may persevere in the face of adversity to realize their aspirations. The book also discusses the stigma and prejudice that epilepsy sufferers, particularly women, encounter in society. The major message of the book is that no one should experience prejudice because of their condition, whether in marriages, companies, colleges, or schools. Anyone who wishes to support the cause of women’s empowerment and understand the challenges experienced by people with epilepsy should read the book.

Women with epilepsy often face significant challenges in their lives, particularly in relation to marriage. Before marriage, they may struggle to find a partner due to the societal stigma surrounding their condition. Many families may be reluctant to arrange a marriage with someone who has epilepsy, fearing that it may bring shame or embarrassment to the family. This can lead to feelings of isolation and low self-esteem for women with epilepsy.

After marriage, women with epilepsy may continue to face discrimination and mistreatment, particularly in relation to dowry. In some cultures, it is believed that women with epilepsy are a burden on their families and require a larger dowry to be married off. This can put immense pressure on the family and may lead to financial hardship or even violence against the woman.

The book’s author, Kritika Pandey, is a working person who is presently the Head of Sales and Marketing for a software firm. She pursued her study in digital marketing in Delhi after completing her graduation in Bangalore. Kritika has been working in her job for 8 years with the main objectives of assisting underprivileged people and encouraging women’s empowerment. Kritika is originally from Dehradun, a small town cited for its beauty and happiness. Because so many individuals around the world suffer from various ailments, she is adamant that it is unethical to discriminate against someone’s skills because of their illness. A woman should not be made to endure additional hardship as a result of her circumstances, whether these are in her personal life or those of society.

Journey of Transformation: Rising from the Ashes tells the story of an event that Kritika personally experienced through a friend, making it a tale rooted in reality. She was emotionally moved by the tale and was inspired to pen a piece about it. Kritika aspires to increase public understanding of epilepsy and the prejudice epilepsy sufferers encounter with her book. She also wants to encourage others to support the cause of women’s emancipation and to be more sympathetic to those who are unwell.

The Mitra Jyoti Trust, a nonprofit that seeks to empower people with disabilities, including those who have epilepsy, will receive a donation from the book’s sales. People with disabilities are given chances for education, training, and work through the organization, enabling them to live independent and happy lives. Kritika aspires to improve the lives of persons with epilepsy and advance the cause of women’s emancipation by donating the proceeds to the Mitra Jyoti Trust.

Kritika Pandey’s Journey of Transformation: Rising from the Ashes is a compelling reminder that no one should be discriminated against because of their condition in a world where illnesses are frequently perceived as weaknesses and used to perpetuate discrimination and inequality. The book is a must-read for anybody who wants to comprehend the challenges experienced by persons with epilepsy and wants to support the cause of women’s empowerment. It is an inspirational tale of hope, resiliency, and tenacity.

The Launch is happening at Bangalore on 28th April 2023 at Mitra Jyoti Auditorium in HSR Layout and 2nd May in Dehradun.

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